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The Uniqueness Of Kala Cotton

What is kala cotton?

Kala cotton is natural organic cotton, it's a very unique breed of cotton that is found only in Kutch region of Gujarat. It is also called “Zinda” or “Alive cotton”. This cotton can survive by itself in the sharp heat during summers when the temperature hits around 40 degrees to 50 degrees centigrade and even in the bone chilling cold during winters without the need for any chemicals for its sustenance and growth. Kutch receives very little rain and this cotton can grow easily in Kutch’s harsh weather conditions.

Why kala cotton?

The uniqueness of kala cotton lies in its ability to be extremely skin friendly. In fact, in people with skin issues such as psoriasis, which can cause red, itchy scaly patches on the skin, kala cotton has proven to be therapeutic.

There is a big difference between normal cotton and Kala cotton. While normal cotton keeps one cool during summer, Kala cotton not only keeps one super cool during summer but also it keeps one warm during winter. This unique identity of kala cotton with respect to its coolness and warmth can be felt when one runs their fingers on a Kala cotton fabric. In order to retain its properties as Zinda cotton, Kala cotton is thicker than normal cotton.

Kala cotton is a very classy and sophisticated fabric. It is very popular and widely used in European countries in garments like pants, shirts, dupattas, stoles etc. The fabric is mostly used with handspun yarn in which no bleaching or polishing is done to process the yarn.

Due to its strong association with handspun yarn and handloom, kala cotton is known to spiritually enlighten and uplift the soul.

Why Kala cotton from craftcenters

Craftcenters, a leading Kutchi workshop run by the power couple Komal and Ashish is at the forefront of designing and curating a variety of unique Kala cotton products such as Bhujodi sarees, Bhujodi shawls, stoles, handbags, cushions, curtains.

While there are many sellers specializing in the sale of Kala cotton products, there is a huge degree of variance in the quality and pricing of these products. For example, in some products while cotton is used in the warp, only the weft uses Kala cotton. This fact is hidden from the customer who thinks that the warp and weft both are Kala cotton. In some products, to bring down the cost price and increase profit margins, thick cotton yarn and not Kala cotton yarn is used in warp and weft.

At Craftcenters, we stand by our motto of “Stand with Customer” which means that if you are getting a Kala cotton product from us, the warp and weft are both superior quality Kala cotton. If this is not the case, we will clearly specify that the warp is cotton and weft is Kala cotton.

Craftcenters specializes in all kinds of cotton handloom products from Gujarat. In each product listing on our website, one can clearly see all details of the fabric mentioned. When you are a Craftcenters customer, our promise to you is that you are getting an authentic Gujarat handloom product at fair pricing.


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