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Rogan Art by Ashish Shantilal Kansara

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Gujarat is very famous for its art and craft. Rogan art painting was very famous a few decades ago ( about 60 to 70 years). Rogan craft and Rogan artisans are easily available all over Gujarat. Rogan art Lehengas, Sarees, and Dupattas. were made all over Gujarat. Rogan art almost died after the machine printed. Nowadays, very few artists are left in Gujarat. Ashish shantilal kansara and we are trying to support the artisans for their livelihoods and to promote our great traditional Rogan art by Ashish Shantilal Kansara. So please support the traditional Rogan art and craft. Rogan paint is produced by boiling castor oil for 7 to 8 hours and then adding Natural Color and a binding agent, the resulting paint is thick. The cloth that is painted is usually a dark color, which makes the intense colors stand out. In rogan printing, the pattern is applied using metal blocks with patterns carved into them. In rogan painting, elaborate designs are produced freehand, by trailing thread-like strands of paint off of a wood stylus. Frequently, half of a design is painted, then the cloth is folded in half, transferring a mirror image to the other half of the fabric. After that it decorates with small dots and lines.