Kala Cotton Handloom Bhujodi Saree

 Soof Hand Embroidery

 Kutch Hand Work 

 5.5 Meters Saree


 Soof embroidery is very famous hand embroidery with its distinct   features. This work is, the most challenging and time consuming,   practiced by the Meghwad Maru community.
 This work has its special features- no need of drawing, printing,   outline by craftswomen. Most of this work done in geometrical   design, triangle based. The work done by careful counting of warp   and weft threads of the fabric. Soof is done on the back side of the   cloth, and when it turned over the front displays the motifs.The   craftswomen mentally picture the motifs and work is done so   beautifully that often mistaken by machines. On seeing this work,   one cannot say that it is handwork with perfection. Soof   embroidered sarees are high in demand nowadays because this   work is done in dense but light and thin that easy to handle

Soof Work Handloom Bhujodi Saree cks314

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