Organic Kala Cotton Saree  

 Bhujodi Handloom

 Kutchi Neran Hand Embroidery 

 Kutch Hand Mirror Work 

 5.5 Meters Saree


 Neran Embroidery has got its name from the Kutchi word ‘nenn’ its   mean eye. It has its own unique features, filled curved structure   looks like eyebrow.
 Craftswomen use tiny eye like structure in this style. Each small   structure fills with dark colour, highlighting by white. Small sized   mirrors adding the beauty of the embroidery. First this embroidery   used by the Sodha Rajput as the combination with Pakko bharat,   but now it has its own recognition, and individual identity.
 The mastery of this style is appealing colour combination, curved   units, and thickness that represents the power of traditional   speaking needles.

Kutch Embroidery Bhujodi Saree ckn304

SKU: ckn304
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