we are launching Khaarek embroidery saree.
 It’s first saree in history, no one has done it before. As far as par our   information.
 Product code ckc300
 Organic kala cotton handloom saree
 With khaarek hand embroidery And simple stitch on body
 This embroidery style name is inspired from kutchi word for the   ‘date  fruit’
 It is simple as well as complex geometric forms and is practised by   the Meghwad maaru community.
 Khaarek is a counted thread embroidery style
 There is no outline or drawing done on the fabric to guide the crafts   women.
 Instead, the design is conceptualised by Counting the threads of   the  fabric and mentally working out the composition.
 Crafts women begin by plotting the squares and rectangles that   constitute the grid of the geometric forms.
 A black or dark colour is used outline the grid. Spaces within the   grid are filled in using the stain stitch in different colour.

Khaarek Hand Embroidery Saree ckc300

SKU: ckc300
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