Hand Embroidery Kutchi Work Stitched Blouse

 It’s first Kanchali in history, no one has done it before. As far as par   our information.

 Jat Garasiya Hand embroidery

 With Mirror Work

 Thick Cotton Fabric ( Duplin)

 This kutchi blouse known as "kanchali" with Front hooks Size ( xl )   Chest Around 42'' Inches

 Hight 20'' Inches

 Weight : 400 Grams


Jat-Garasiya is the community of remote area of Kutch and the brand Jat-Garasiya has got its name from the community, they are basically herdsmen.
Jat Garasiya women are expert in creating the geometrical designs. The most distinguished features of this embroidery are count based stiches and cross stiches. There is no need to draw but first they outline the design by stiches and again they filled the gapes that form the geometrical shape. The geometrical shapes are created by mentally with counting the threads of the fabric. Only one type of stich they used is cross stich. With the cross stiches they used colourful mirrors to decorate the designs. The cross stiches are very fine and neat embroidered on cotton base fabric.
The women of Garasiya Jat used to wear the long dresses with heavily embroidered yokes. Tradition means the own identity, and traditional hand work represents that identity in the world of fashion.


Jat Garasiya Hand Embroidery Kutchi Kanchali cbp103

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