Aari Hand Embroidery 

 Fine Cotton Handloom Bhujodi Saree

 Kutchi Work

 5.5 Meters Saree

 1 Meter Blouse Piece

 Support Handloom


 Aari embroidery gets its name from the tool used in this style is, the   aari-a hooked needle. Aari embroidery is done by tightening the   cloth with the wooden ring or frame. Then work is done on the   stretched cloth with an aari.
 It is believed that it first developed by leather workers who used to   create emblissed footwear. It was also popular during Mughal and   British era.
 Craftswomen create the painting-like effect using very fine   stiches.Most of the motifs of Aari embroidery derived from nature   like colourful flowers and leaves, trees, animals and birds. Aari work   sarees are the demand by the women of all age groups. Golden and   silver threads aari embroidery catches the eyes.
 The craftswomen of Mochi community has popularized this old art.   Repeated stiches, fine threads work, practice of using the aari-the   needle, patience required for the contribution of the traditional   hand work.

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