Organic Kala Cotton Handloom Bhujodi Saree

 Ahir Hand Embroidery On Pallu

 Extra Weft Buttis On Body

 Kutch Hand Work 

 5.5 Meters Saree


 Ahir embroidery is one of the beautiful embroideries. Ahir is the   community of Kutch's desert area. The traditional, local word is   ‘thasso’ used for Ahir embroidery. The word suggests the   confidence. Ahir works are large and colourful. The craftswomen fill   colourful mirrors surrounding by yellow and white chain stich. The   combination of these elements create a vibrant effect. They   embroider the designs like flowers, birds and animals.
 Ahir embroidery is open to innovation. Traditional elements such as   abstract buttas with appealing colours used in authentic way.
 The core Ahir values are respected as evident in the use of specific   stitches for specific functions. The small, round saankdi or chain   stitch to outline the buttas. Ahir, the community, follow the Krishna,   the Gopa culture. Ahir women wear the full embroidered skirt and   kanjari. The unique embroidery of the unique community, balance of   tradition with modern concepts by hand work with only needle and   threads.

Ahir Hand Embroidery Bhujodi Saree cke308

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